Paul Gruner

Paul Gruner

Artist Biography
     Paul Gruner was studying meteorology at Florida State University on an Air Force scholarship when he first got involved with ceramics. He managed to pass all his required courses, despite spending most of his free time in the pottery studio. After graduating, there were only occasional opportunities to take lessons or find a pottery studio to use, but being stationed in south Korea gave Paul many opportunities to see great Asian ceramic art.

Upon retiring from the Air Force, Paul was planning a second career in Computer Security when he began studying pottery with John Jensen at St. John's in Annapolis. Once again, pottery began taking over his free time and before he knew it he had soon purchased his own wheel, wired his basement for a kiln, and began mixing his own glazes.

Paul is currently working in three areas of ceramics: functional, Raku and sculpture. Functional pieces include mugs, dinnerware, bakeware and serving dishes. He is willing to take custom orders and can even put together a wedding registry for couples who want a full set of handmade dishes and kitchenware.

Paul's Raku pottery generally takes the form of jars with stupa or minaret influenced lids and bottle-form vases. Raku is for decorative use only, but provides many interesting and unpredictable glaze effects.

Paul's sculpture is inspired by simple forms of sea life, such as sponges, corals, and sea urchins.

In addition to works represented at Niland Gallery, Paul sells pottery on Sundays at Eastern Market in D.C., at First Sunday Craft Fairs in Annapolis, and at various shows and festivals in the area. Paul has made donations to support the Theater Alliance in D.C., The Friends of Quiet Waters Park, and in November he donated 200 bowls to a fundraiser for Food Link Maryland.

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