Niland Gallery
49 Maryland Avenue
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
443 - 949 - 0496

     As Coordinating Director of the Niland Gallery.  I am writing to introduce myself, and tell you about our project, and invite you to join our new gallery co-op.  I hope you will be interested in our refreshing and mutually-beneficial approach to artist representation.    

     Our mission is to provide a series of consistent gallery venues in which to   professionally display the work of Niland Gallery members. We propose to offer objective, rather than selective, representation to artists, thereby improving on the traditional exclusionary dynamic between artists and galleries. 

     Members of our co-op will benefit from the opportunity to secure quality representation, display space and reception privileges in exchange for a monthly fee.  Traditional, galleries charge artists merely for a portfolio review. Niland Gallery exists to give artists a return on their investments, resolving to empower our artists and remove the expense and rejection of traditional-gallery middlemen.  

     We differentiate ourselves from traditional artist co-ops in that we exclusively display and sell work.  In an artist co-op, too often artists are charged not only for their display space, but for the studio space, and thereby for the actual acts of creation.
     We believe that artists have a right to representation in gallery-quality facilities, as well as to work on their own terms.  Therefore, Niland Gallery concentrates our full attention on offering high-quality, professional representation, leaving all other creative acts to the artists discretion. 

     We commit to representing the full spectrum of artists, and are actively seeking to promote variety within gallery spaces. Niland Gallery proposes to take the important leap of cross-representation; leaving genre-specific and medium-specific galleries behind. We give our artists the freedom to express themselves in whichever medium, genre, or style they wish.  

     We invite you to join our new venture.  Call to schedule an appointment to visit to our galleries, so that we may discuss this opportunity and answer your questions.  Our three galleries are located throughout the Historic District of Annapolis, Maryland, within walking distance of the Capitol, in the heart of this beautiful city.  Please see the attached sample contract for further details.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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